Programs & Services

COA Youth Sports Camps

Welcome to the Central Oregon Athletics Youth Sports Camp, where sports and fun collide in an unforgettable experience!

Our camps are designed to take young athletes on an incredible journey of skill development, socialization, teamwork, and leadership. No matter the level of athletic experience or ability, our camps create a safe and inclusive environment that embraces everyone’s unique talents and strengths.

Parents and guardians can rest assured knowing that their children are in the hands of caring professionals who prioritize safety and well-being. We pride ourselves in creating an environment where friendships flourish, teamwork thrives, and lasting memories are made. Please join us at Central Oregon Athletics, where the best sports camp experience in Central Oregon awaits.

COA Sports Leagues

Welcome to Central Oregon Athletics Sports Leagues, where friendly and organized competition meets the highest quality experience for athletes of all levels!

Our leagues are designed to bring out the best in every player, offering an environment where sportsmanship and fellowship thrive. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to the game, our leagues provide a platform for you to showcase your skills and enjoy the excitement of competitive play.

At Central Oregon Athletics, we take pride in delivering a high-quality product that exceeds expectations. We believe in the power of recognition, and that’s why we go the extra mile to celebrate standout performances and outstanding efforts. Player recognition is at the heart of our leagues, with awards, accolades, and opportunities to shine brightly in the spotlight.

Join Central Oregon Athletics Sports Leagues and experience the thrill of friendly competition, enjoy a high-quality sports experience, and create lasting memories in a safe and supportive environment. It’s time to lace up your shoes, embrace the spirit of the game, and let your love for sports soar to new heights!

COA Tournaments

Welcome to Central Oregon Athletics Tournaments, the ultimate battleground where athletes play for more than just victory – they compete for t-shirts, trophies, and the ultimate bragging rights!

Get ready to experience the thrill of structured, bracket-style tournaments that will push your limits, test your skills, and bring out your competitive spirit. Our carefully organized events ensure that every aspect of the tournament is well-planned and executed at a high level. From seamless registration to thoughtfully scheduled matches, we strive to provide a smooth and efficient experience for all participants.

So, lace up your shoes, bring your A-game, and enjoy the competitive, well-organized, safe, and fun atmosphere that only Central Oregon Athletics can provide.

COA Personal Training

Central Oregon Athletics Personal Training offers a tailored and focused approach to elevate your athletic performance to new heights. Our private and semi-private appointment-based sessions are led by knowledgeable coaches who are dedicated to unlocking your full potential.

Designed for committed athletes who are ready to push their boundaries, our COA training sessions provide sport-specific guidance and personalized attention. Whether you’re preparing for try-outs, upcoming camps, or the next season, our program is crafted to enhance your training regimen and elevate your athletic abilities.

Our experienced coaches bring a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the demands of various sports. They will work closely with you to assess your strengths, identify areas for improvement, and develop a customized training plan that aligns with your goals.

Join Central Oregon Athletics Personal Training to unleash your true potential, surpass your limits, and become the athlete you aspire to be.